King Swan

by King Swan

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Scumbag Uncomplicated groove metal to get you in the mood to cruise! Riffs by the mountain-load, rhythms to work those neck muscles and give those air drums a serious pounding, vocals to make these tunes soar through dirty skies and ground shaking bass to hold it all together! Favorite track: Fear Machine.
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FDJ Juicy riffs and great vocals from a really tight band. These guys were recommended to me by the guitarist from Electric Ruin via and then again by the band themselves.Thanks guys this ROCKS! Favorite track: Generation Zero.
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Soshanna Another killer band from Ottawa, Canada. Heavy rock with an old school no frills groove. It was love at first listen for me with that great vocalist, a standout rhythm section, and snazzy guitar riffs. Get on this one! \m/ Favorite track: Ghost Ceremony.
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released January 14, 2014



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King Swan Ottawa, Ontario

This deep thinking, mad riffing three piece band from Ottawa, Canada will take you on a musical voyage through space and time with their combination of improvisational wizardry and organized chaos. They are sure to appeal to heavy metal headbangers and rock and roll junkies alike. On the heels of releasing their self-titled debut EP they are gear up for some live shows. Release the swan! ... more

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Track Name: Generation Zero
generation zero
all dressed up in ego
following the leader
programmed for surrender

intelligence crisis
children lost to silence
sheepwear for the masses
bred in games of violence

searchin for a reason one to fight for and one to carry on
make it all collapse so that we can all live and be as one

gotta carry on, and be as one

hey hey, don't believe a thing
hey hey, don't believe a word

apocalypse of reason
apathy's in season
playground for addiction
strings hang from the system

hey hey don't believe a thing
hey hey don't believe a word
hey hey, don't belive a thing
hey hey, don't believe at all

generation zero (x4)
Track Name: Fear Machine
succubus salivate
dream sequence activate
freefall into the fires of night

feeling sick insanity
practicing inhumanities
sirens scream when i close my eyes

the visions, the lies
the painted disguise
demoness, she rides
enchantress she bites

succubus animate
initiate panic state
held captiv by the fear machine

fantasize violence
living out each consequence
laughing at his profanities

riding clouds through the sky
crooked stairways of the mind
torture us will all we love
vultures circle high above

million faces shapeshifting
distorted voices visit me
carry me where slumber waits
shut my eyes and fear my fate
Track Name: Electric Skies
Anger's in my heart
trouble's on my mind
show a smile that fools the world

dig for gold and dig for change
peel away the skin
climb the steps of sweet freedom

stabbed with a thorn in my pride
but i'm alive, I won't survive
unless I kill the poison inside my mind
...til i'm satisfied

Therapy for healing minds
Therefore I am
Echos through the doors of time
Therefore I am

move a mountain, turn a stone
bring sight to lost mnds
blame it all on miracle

feel the pain but carry on
scars just make us strong
sanctify our survival

angels guide my anxious mind

take the time, fly electric skies