Rituals of Fire

by King Swan

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Bucky King Swan soars above the riff filled valley dropping flaming shards of progressive stoner rock exploding with spaced out groove and serrated vocal swoons.
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Follow up from our self-titled EP.

Recorded at Wolf Lake Studios by Mike Bond
Mixed and Mastered in the Bond Cave


released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


King Swan Ottawa, Ontario

This deep thinking, mad riffing three piece band from Ottawa, Canada will take you on a musical voyage through space and time with their combination of improvisational wizardry and organized chaos. They are sure to appeal to heavy metal headbangers and rock and roll junkies alike. On the heels of releasing their self-titled debut EP they are gear up for some live shows. Release the swan! ... more

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Track Name: Wicked Witch
I like the way
Her poison tastes
It seems to me

Illusion of love
On her tongue
Such tragedy

Hey witchy woman
Hypnotizing woman

Dance with the devil’s daughter
One thousands hearts left slaughtered
Oh wicked witch please possess me

I love the way
She poisons me
It tastes so sweet

I can’t escape
Her look of sin
It tortures me

Feed my desire
Light it up, light it up
Set the world on fire
Track Name: Your Own Way Out
Everything I never wanted
Is all that I have become
Gotta fight to turn it back around
It’s all backwards, upside down

When you feel it, gotta believe it
Try not to lose it, or just forget it
Hey you better find your own way out

Climb the wall to higher ground
Bridge to nowhere crumbles down
And everything is always all the same
Could I ever change a thing at all

Put your feet to the fire
Surrender control
It’s come down to the wire
How far will you go?
Track Name: Blackwater
Captured by the chaos
Hellbound through the madness
Standing inside the fires of fear
Merciless sea, set me free, set me free

Hold the bow, we’re going down
Ground control, take us out
Purple skies and acid rain
Doubt surrounds, storm’s alive


Calling all castaways
Captain’s found the shore
Smoke signals and tormented sands
Feed the fire, watch it grow through the sands

I watch the sunrise
I watch it fall
I watch the world’s collide at Blackwater

I watch the moonrise
Let’s watch it fall
Witness the planet smashing God of storms

Swallowed alive
Time explodes
Save our souls
Pray for daylight
Curse the flood
Ghosts glow in the fog
Through trees and stone
It’s so divine
Save us all
Track Name: Kaleidoscopic Eyes
The war inside my head follows me everywhere
Devils dance in my fantasy

This crazy place called home, somewhere I’ve never known
Space out to my sweet rock and roll

Moon trip in hi-fi, I go out of my head
Slow me down til I can swim in the sound waves
Trapped in a daydream, sandcastles in the sky
Look close and you’ll see kaleidoscopic eyes

The friends inside my head, they haven’t shown up yet
Shoot stars into my memory

This crazy place I’ve known, it’s been home all along
Take two hits as I write this song

Let’s take a ride through time and space
Where my soul lies, my mind’s erased
Spin it around, Kaleidoscope
Mind control
Track Name: Disconnect
Disconnect from it all
Silence your mind
Find equilibrium
It’s safe inside

Channel the power of one thousand suns
Focus your energy on reconstruction

Kill the catastrophists that live inside your head
Disconnect, disconnect so you never hear them again

Pay no mind to the disorder
Don’t let it eat you alive
Welcome to your dysfunction
Let it make you high
Track Name: Rituals of Fire
Washed ashore on a strange land
Lost but we must carry on
Build a shelter before the night takes hold
We hunt and gather for we have been reborn

Trace the footsteps that lay ahead
Follow them to the villages
We’re dancing to the fire, witness the rituals
Little did we know, what this trip would hold

Ritual of fire
Ritual of fire

Counting constellations
Breathe deep hallucinations

Eat the flora from her hand
Lost but they have found our minds
Find a shelter before this trip takes hold
We hunt and gather for the fire’s our new home

Ritual of fire
Ritual of fire